Thursday, December 30, 2010

Memory of 2010

As a wannabe runner, I resumed my exercise after getting clearance from the doctor since the bike related injury that broke my right scapula. Almost 1 year ago 9/dec/2009.

That was about Feb'2010. The first ever running event was sort of a bandit run at Energizer 10K event. Never in my life that I ran more than 8k before the race. I can still remember that I tried to chase down Miss Jewel to say hi when I saw her overtook me, what a futile effort. Haha. No medal for that event, I didn't bother to queue up to get it. Didn't know anybody then except Boon which we got separated half way.

The most memorable half marathon will have to be Standard Chartered KL marathon. That was by far the most enjoyable run, felt really good during the run and can feel that I can go on and on and on. Something just click during the run. Breathing was regular, no cramp, perfect weather, plenty of water station and nice route.

The most suffering run will have to be the Singapore Newton 30k run, also my first ever outside Klang Valley and outside Malaysia run. Needed that to build up the mileage towards the full marathon. Got sucked into the face paced runners at the first loop and burned out at around 13k, and then it was run walk till the end. Not an enjoyable event, but learned the most about running preparation and strategy.

The longest sporting event will have to be the Ipoh Century ride. 168km of pedaling. It should be an enjoyable ride with some tough hill climbs, but due to the lack of training and the lost of confidence since the bike accident, I was really suffered during the hill climb. But I finished it, which to me is one of the biggest achievement of 2010.

The longest run ever for 2010 will be the Penang Bridge International Marathon, 42.195km of running. After more than 1 month, I am still amazed about finishing the run. Considering how out of shape i was in the first 40 years of my life, still out of shape now :)

Overall, my journey to completing the first full marathon was considered well planned, the mileage gradually got increased, and that helped in getting me to the finish line.

Moving forward to 2011, return to cycling, get into the pool more, and run smarter, not more.

I miss Genting Sempah, i miss FRIM. :)

Felt healthier is the best result. All the medal, certificate cannot replace that.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My 2011 weekly training schedule

Sunday : Morning Cycling (outdoor) or LSD run or Brick (7m30/km)

Monday : Evening RPM challenge (manulife)

Tuesday : Morning BodyPump Class (manulife).

Wednesday : Morning speed run treadmill at gym (5m/km)

Thursday : Evening swimming

Friday : Morning Hill run (8min/km) at Bukit Damansara

Saturday : Rest day and/or stretching

Tentative plan. Need more thinking about it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

why am i an atheist?

Why don't I believe in God? No, no no, why do YOU believe in God? Surely the burden of proof is on the believer. You started all this. If I came up to you and said, "Why don't you believe I can fly?" You'd say, "Why would I?" I'd reply, "Because it's a matter of faith". If I then said, "Prove I can't fly. Prove I can't fly see, see, you can't prove it can you?" You'd probably either walk away, call security or throw me out of the window and shout, ''F—ing fly then you lunatic."

- Ricky Gervais