Monday, November 30, 2009

Riding on Kesas highway

Been traveling on Kesas highways for years, always see some rider on the motor lane.

Sunday morning, start from my house at 6.45am. Took the LDP and exit to Kesas towards Sri Petaling. Made a u-turn (or rather, n-turn according to Megan) at the traffic light at Endah Parade and back on Kesas towards Klang. Exit to Puchong and back home.

Total distance is 36km, average speed of 28km/h. Took a small break at Petronas for 100+. Didn't take any water from my bottles.

Met a group of about 10 with mixture of MTB and RB.

Minor incident, almost falls because didn't notice the small hump on the bike lane, and also a dog chase. Nice almost flat road. No challenging climb.

987kcal burned. Sweet. Felt great. Not too tiring, maybe because is <40km.

Will definitely do it again, probably every Sunday morning. But will not exit at Puchong, but go straight towards shah-alam to get up to 60+km. Nothing less the 60km now for my usual RB ride. That is a promise.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Climbing Gunung Merapi

Wow, didn't know we can climb the mountain. Was there to visit the site, was pretty scary to walk on the hardened lava. But making a trip to trek up the mountain will be very cool.

Definitely something I will plan to do.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Megan annual concert

She plays leopard in the jungle.

The play is "Wizard of Oz"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Damn it....slacking

BodyPump class cancelled this morning. Just my luck, possibly my last class in MBF before office move to Bangsar. No chance to say farewell to all the nice girls in the class.

Anyway, since I was there in the morning, did some mileage on the treadmill. 

Was running before the class, heard about the cancellation, start getting slack and stop at 1km run and then walk around. Did couple of push up and abs exercise before resume for another run. 10m of 1.5km run. 

Then slacking again, did another round of push up and abs exercise before climb up the treadmill for another 2km run. 

I can't get myself to run for 5km non-stop on the treadmill. 

I need some major kick at the rear. Damn it. 


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Is there a cow in our life that need to die?

This is an interesting article from my RSS FEED. I think all of us should read it.

Once Upon a Cow by Camilo Cruz, is a story about our own personal cows. The beginning parable is about a teacher and a student who journey to a small town, the teacher telling the student to look for the poorest home where they would seek refuge for the night.

The two men stopped in front of the most dilapidated little shack they had ever set eyes on.

The structure, at the point of collapse, belonged, without a doubt to the poorest of families. The walls stood as if only by a miracle, threatening at any moment to come tumbling down. Water filtered through an improvised roof, and all kinds of rubbish against the walls of the house.

The teacher and the student were invited to stay the night in the small home. A father, mother, four children and two grandparents, thin bodies, ragged clothes, sad faces and bowed heads left no doubt that indigence had taken root deep within them.

Curiously enough, the family had a most unusual possession. They owned a cow.

The animal was not much to look at, but the family's everyday life and activities seemed to revolve around it.

  • Feed the cow.
  • Make sure the cow's had enough water.
  • Tie the cow up tight.
  • Don't forget to take the cow out to pasture.
  • Milk the cow.

You could say the cow played a prominent role within the family, although the little milk she produced was barely enough to keep them alive. It was the only thing that kept them from complete and utter misery.

The next morning, the two travelers set off to continue their journey. The elder teacher whispered, "The time has come for you to learn the lesson that brought us to this dismal place." The teacher walked slowly toward the cow, slipped a dagger from the sheath he carried.

The student watched in disbelief as the teacher sliced through the cow's throat in one swift movement. The fatal wound caused the animal to drop silently to the ground.

The story continues one year later when the teacher and student return to the home. They find the family flourishing and learn the story of how the death of the cow caused the change in their fortune.

We all have cows that need to die.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Build your self confidence like a leader

Great advice from Marshall Goldsmith

1. Don't worry about being perfect. There are never right or wrong answers to complex business decisions. The best that you can do as a leader is to gather all of the information that you can (in a timely manner), do a cost-benefit analysis of potential options, use your best judgment — and then go for it.

2. Learn to live with failure. Great salespeople are the ones who get rejected the most often. They just ask for the order more than the other salespeople. You are going to make mistakes. You are human. Learn from these mistakes and move on.

3. After you make the final decision — commit! Don't continually second-guess yourself. Great leaders communicate with a sense of belief in what they are doing and with positive expectations toward the achievement of their vision.

4. Show courage on the outside — even if you don't always feel it on the inside. Everyone is afraid sometimes. If you are a leader, your direct reports will read your every expression. If you show a lack of courage, you will begin to damage your direct reports' self-confidence.

5. Find happiness and contentment in your work. Life is short. My extensive research indicates that we are all going to die anyway. Do your best. Follow your heart. When you win, celebrate. When you lose, just start over the next day.

Terry Fox Run 2009

Got back home after midnight of Saturday, attended a wedding dinner, but started with beers at the hotel bar, and also adjourned with the beer at the same bar. Had about couple of hours of sleep before the alarm tell me is 5.30am.

Woke up, get the family ready to leave house at 7am to go to Lake Garden for the 2009 Terry Fox run.

This is the first time I took part in this event. 

I planned to run the 5km while the rest of the family do the family fun run.

Didn't manage to run from the beginning as the path was too narrow and with too many people. I just walked briskly on the track until I got enough space on the track to start running. Bumped into an old colleague and friend and chat for couple of minutes before pushing on. Caught up with the wife and mom on the way. 

It was a pretty fun run. The is the first time that I actually run among the crowd, since many many years ago. Still need to train much more and much harder to able to run beyond 10K.

About 40+ days to Malakoff run of 12KM.