Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What am I doing on my birthday

2.50am : did my tax return, luckily got e-filing.
7.30am : woke up and had a piece of toast bread
8am : sent Megan to school, gathering for field trip to zoo negara
9am : take number with Dr. Wong
12noon : after rounds of blood test and ultrasound. Admission to
medical center to remove gall bladder stone in bile duct. That was the cause of my jaundice and pain at the abdomen.
1.30pm : ERCP procedure to remove the gallstone, sedated for 2 hours.
4pm : moved to room

5pm : sponge bath by two gorgeous looking nurse. (or was I still sedated?)

Happy Birthday to me

2.48am. Can't sleep, just did my tax filing.

Admitting to hospital in couple of hours to check for problem with liver.

Going to miss all the Guinness and cycling this weekend.

Oh joy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dharma of the day

Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm,
even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame.

Dhammapada 6.81

Extracted from here

Monday, April 27, 2009

27 hours to go

And I still have no idea what to get. And now I am falling sick, no time and energy to go around looking for them.

Guess this will be another boring year. Better chance next year. I wish.

Gourmet Pizza Making Class

Attended a gourmet pizza making class, organized by TheCookingHouse in Sri Hartamas. Chef Enzo Dente teach us how to make the dough, the source and different kind of topping, even include Calzone.

Chef Enzo is the owner of Italian Restaurant in SS2, Buonesera Restaurant, the authentic italian restaurant in town. He makes the most authentic tiramisu in Klang Valley.

Here it is, Chef Enzo in action. Manning the big ass oven behind him, running full blast at 300C the whole time. The table at the right bottom corner is my working station, sharing with a few ladies.

Spinach ricotta cheese calzone. It was very very good. This is one of the most perfect made Calzone in the whole class.

Except for a mild stomach ache I was suffering before, it was nice to spend couple of hours in the company of 19 ladies and plenty of italian food.

I am going to attend another Chef Enzo's class in May for pasta making.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok. I have decided. This is what I want.

Madone 6.9 Pro Red

Official Astana Pro Racing team bike. Top of the line specs.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday morning ride

19/April, went riding with the PERs. Not many turn up, maybe still recovering from the saturday morning ride.

Covered almost 26KM, which is a nice recovery ride for the week. As usual, Colonel was the lead and brought us to some really nice trail.

Not to tough, and yet sweat enough and burned some calories, that counts.

I am the fifth ape

This is a fantastic documentaries. Why Astro is not showing it?

Maybe I should get it from Richard's website.

Get it from here.

Most of the people who object the theory of evolution don't know much about evolution. Pretty sad. They hear it from the religious teacher their comment about the fraud of evolution, natural selection. But look at their motivation, do they have a motive of you not believe in evolution? Plenty.

Note, carbon dating.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My bicycle inventory

These are the bikes that I have right now. So far they served the purpose of cycling as an exercise.

2008 GT Outpost with disc brake

Bought it from Ee who bought it from RodaLink, Taipan.

Been to FRIM many times, even one 40KM ride around Penang, with slick tyre. Reasonably good bike, no complain so far.

Accessories on it? Polar speed and cadence monitor. And TopPeak saddle bag. The rest are all stock.

2003 Trek SL 2000 with Tiagra 105 set. Granny gear with 9 speed cassette.

Bought it from Hugh, he bought it from a bike shop in Texas, reading from a stickers on the bike.

Nice bike to ride on. nothing done on it yet, except little adjestment on the handlebar and change the grip on the handle bar. Standard lube and cleaning services as well.

Ride on Gedebe wednesday evening ride couple of times and PER saturday morning too. Went frmo Bentong to Genting Sempah on this bike as well.

Time to upgrade? Maybe, but not now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

2nd pint. Few more to go

At souled out. With bunch of sun and ex-sun friends. Good evening.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wise words for mountainbikers

# 1 "Drink not water that passes the second bladder"

#2 "You don't have to find a mountain to do mountainbiking"

#3 "Bringing you granny along in your ride does not help you in your climb"

#4 "Removing your brakes does not make you the fastest downhiller"

#5 "Being called a handle-bar does not mean that you can hang you six-pack or teh tarik or any sort of beverages on it"

#6 "The most expensive mountain bike part is...the kick stand. That's why you hardly see them on a mountain bike. It's darn expensive. Only few can afford it."

#7 "One quick way of silencing the noisy irritating squeaking sound of your brake is to dab the disc with lube oil. However, that irritating noise may come from another source, your mouth, as you yell your lung out, when your brake fails to grab hold to the disc."

From Kelolo

Monday, April 13, 2009

16 days to go

What should I get?

1. Kitchen Aid mixer?

2. Victorinox Swiss Army limited edition 125 years anniversary watch

3. Sony PS3

4. A week vacation in ChiangMai by myself, beers, thai food, massage and cycling around


5. Scott Speedster S10

6. A bottle of Glenfiddich 21 years old with good prime steak and good company


7. Just a normal day

Any idea? Please......

Malaysia A1 Team got 3rd place in the feature race

Well done A1 Malaysia team. 3rd place with 43 points in the championship. It will be nice to see you on podium, but still, every point count.

Fairuz, you the man!!!

Picture from A1 Team Malaysia Fan email

Sunday, April 12, 2009

RB trip from Bentong to Genting Sempah and back

Well, I finally did it. although some says I was cheating to take this route, but this was still a challenging ride. I quite enjoy the climb from Bentong to Genting Sempah, not too steep, but tough enough to feels accomplished. But the return trip was really bad for me, maybe I ran out of juice, need to pace myself on certain stretch as I was pushing myself too early.

Starting point. Pak Wan is the one on the far right, the leader of the ride with the Cervelo S3.

Notice the restaurant at the back, the serve one of the best home made ice cream in Pahang, if not the whole country.

Me climbing to the second re-group point at the Janda Baik junction.

At the second re-group point. Taking a rest.

Total distance covered, 70.1KM (courtesy of Dr Azmi's GPS)

Also the map and the elevation chart.

Will I do it again? Hell yes!!! Boon, next time we take the challange.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Najib as new prime minister

Najib becomes the 6th Prime minister of Malaysia, congrates.

Well, he has a lot of plans, review the human right issue, etc etc.

For one, I will suggest that he pass the law to open all document for all public servant meeting, and other document and make them as public document. All public servant work for us tax payers, we need to know if they are working for the interest of public.

There should not be any secret. And btw, return the money Balkis took. Be a man.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wet wet day in Sepang

All over the newspaper now. Red flagged F1 GP for Malaysia. Button won. Well done Ross. You deserve the win. Any chance to go back to Ferrari? :)

Some pictures I took during the race.

C2 Covered Hill stand. Most years, I watch F1 from here, not this year. Lucky me.

I thought I panned the camera well with the right focus on the camera. Nice picture overall. I think this is the Formula BMW.

Budget cut or something. Previous years, we have the classic cars parading the drivers, this year, we use a bus?

Taken during the warm up lap. The tension is building. People at the grandstand getting excited.

Of cos, I need to put in a picture of Brawn's car. Who cares about the driver, without Brawn's talent, JB will still be at the back, or jobless.

Another attempt to do take the picture while panning. This is Kubica's engined blown and spewing petrol on the track.

Highlight of the evening? Jenson won the race? No, it was JK!!!! Can't believe I can watch his live concert. FOC!!!

It was raining but everyone stays to wait for him. Amazing to see so many of his fans here. Most of my colleague never heard of him. Funny.

The stare was nice. Large screen showing the music video of the song. Little L was nice.

Overall, good evening. If Ferrari get some points, or podium will be better.

Ended the evening with good supper near JinJang with Ee and Ken. Thank you Ken again for the amazing tickets. Next year paddock? :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jamiroquai concert at sepang

Excellent. Full house in the rain.

More pix later.

F1 GP Malaysia red flag

heavy rain. Red flag. Stop race. Wait for rain to stop, which i think will not stop for awhile. I think they will stop the race.

I am so glad I am at grandstand.

Race day at F1 GP Malaysia

GP2 just finish. BMW race starting soon. cooling temperature. Nice seat. Perfect company.

I am hoping RedBull racing will win today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

welcome to Malaysia GP

Topaz baby. Perfect seat. Thank you Ken.