Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starting to run

OK. Need to start run training.

First, need to measure my fitness level, or the lack of fitness.

1. Walk as fast as possible, 4 laps (1.6km) and time myself

2. Run 6 laps (2.4km) and time myself.

For my age, here should be the benchmark (from here)

Very poor : 15m41s
Poor : 14m30s - 15m40s
Fair : 13m15s - 14m29s
Good : 11m45s - 13m14s
Excellent : 9m31s - 11m44s
Superior : <9m30s

My guess, i will be at OMG very poor level, maybe 20minutes? Will update.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Good saturday morning ride in Putrajaya

Woke up at 6am on saturday morning. My usual ritual. Had couple of peanut butter sandwiches and drove to Putrajaya, stop by the Petronas for some water and 100+. 

Did the putrajaya outer ring with additional route thrown in to extend 10% of the distance as wanted. The additional route was to go straight instead of turn right into PICC, did a u-turn (include a climb) and back to Persiaran Selatan and take the first left to PICC. One more climb up the PICC and then back to the car at the PM office. This add another 4-5KM in the loop, i.e the 10%.

Here is the stats

Distance : 45.5km
Average HR : 82%
kcal : 1421
Max speed : 50.7 km/h
Average speed : 25.0 km/h
Ride time : 1h49min

A bit disappointed on the average speed, as the target was 29km/h. But will continue to work towards that.

Is the first day of fasting month, only saw 2 other cyclist on Persiaran Selatan on opposite direction. 

Muscle sore for the next day, skipped Sunday 3pm RPM in IOI.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Climbing for Dummies : on a bike

This is cool. A lot of tips and suggestion.

From Pez. Summary below, in detail, click the link.

1. Go slow
2. The right gearing (make sure  you have gear to shift to in emergency, don't stay in smallest COGS)
3. Gear gain game
4. Down shift and stand (protect the family jewels)
5. Ride with weaker rider
6. Hand position game
7. Know the plan (know the terrain) 
8. Bonking is ok (get down and push to the top, never turn back)
9. Practice makes pretty good
10. Get thin

Tip #10 is just for me. :) All are good advice. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pitch in and help out

Read it from a blog. It happens to me.....

It seems noble to roll up your sleeves and pitch in to help out. It feels good. But if you continue to focus on production work at the expense of supervision work, you will fail. You will feel beat up and ineffective. As you are ineffective, you will get pummeled by customer demand, your boss and ultimately, your team will turn on you.

In the short term, you may get today's quota out the door. In the long term, you begin the death spiral.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Putrajaya ride

Solo ride this morning around Putrajaya outer ring. Saw 3 large group of RB.

Date : 15/August/2009
Ride time : 1hr 25m
Max HR : 168
Average HR : 149
Kcal : 1159
Distance : 37.8KM
average speed : 26.6km/h
Max speed : 47.5km/h

Average speed drop from last week. But this time with less rest time. and cadence maintain. I think can improve the average speed next week.

But 1155 calories burned....yes!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

10 things your boss hates about you

We all have a boss. This is interesting. Summarize from TheGuardian

1. Lateness
2. Lack of initiative
3. Too much initiative
4. Bitching and whining
5. Disloyalty
6. lack of passion/interest
7. Trying to be their best friend
8. Petty lying
9. Childishness
10. Wanting their job

Friday, August 7, 2009

Weight loss progress, or the lack of it

Not doing well. Need to really push more on the exercise and really watch the diet

5 RPM classes in 7 days

Since I can't do much weight training since the procedure, and due to the haze, not keen in cycling outdoor.

So, i went the multiple RPM classes

31/July : At MBF
2/Aug : At IOI
3/Aug : At IOI
5/Aug : At IOI
7/Aug : at MBF

Don't think I will go to RPM endurance tomorrow at IOI, 90 minutes (14 songs) of pure torture by Pat and Lilian, the crazy instructor.

But will ride at Putrajaya tomorrow morning. 30KM. Need to target 29km/h.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Use OpenDNS

To all TMnet user, instead of using the DNS server that provided by TMnet

which are & (these IP addresses have some sentimental value to me),

please use the following instead. Get your next door 10 years old boy from neighbor to help you set it up &

More secure, more stable, better performance and not subject to arbitrary censorship from the guys upstairs.

Making bhajji

Lunch on sunday, wife made single pot chicken rice in rice cooker.

Found some brinjal in the fridge that was meant for brinjal pasta, but decided to make bhajji with it.


1. 1.5 cup dhal flour
2. 2 mid size brinjal (cut thinly)
3. 1 tea spoon chili powder (i used mild mexican chili powder)
4. A handful of flat leaf parsley (chopped)
5. Pinch of salt
6. Pinch of pepper
7. 1 cup of water

1. Heat peanut oil
2. Mixed all ingredient (except brinjal)
3. When oil are hot, dip brinjal slice into batter and fried till golden brown.
4. Eat