Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My home made pace band

A valuable advice from a much better runner also called Khoo.

I made  this and will be wearing this during my run to meditate on during the long and numbing run.


5h30m, some consider very slow, but hey, I am not competing with you. I am trying to get to the finishing line.

This is my planned pace for PBIM

Did some magic on the excel spreadsheet (I still hate Micrisoft).

Here is the plan.

First quarter: 7m30s pace
Second quarter : 7m40s pace
Third quarter : 7m50s pace
Last quarter : 8m pace

Check point for every 5km

5km : 37m
10km : 1h15m
15km : 1h53m
20km : 2h31m
25km : 3h10m
30km : 3h50m
35km : 4h30m
40km : 5h10m
FM : <5h30m

Guess not :)