Sunday, February 6, 2011

Running wish list

Thanks to running scientist who publish a whole list of 2011 Marathon in Asia and Australia, here is my wish list.

1. Borneo International Marathon - 1/May/2011
2. Singapore Sundown Marathon - 28/May/2011
3. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon - 26/June/2011

1. City to Surf Marathon, Perth, Australia - 28/Aug/2011

2. Chiangmai Marathon, Chiang Mai, Thailand - 25/Dec/2011


June Malik said...

registered events all full ka?? all the best :)

The Scientist Runner said...

All the best bro!

The Scientist Runner said...

Good luck bro!

Stupe said...

My target this year is to accompany wifey on her virgin marathon during SCKLM.

Keep moving bro! I need to up my runing mileage. :)

tolldoll said...

wow the list makes me feel like running too! damn!