Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning breakfast at McD Subang

A sample of the society is here.

group of college student on the way to class, retiree after his morning walk, couple of office worker on the way to the office, some business meeting, housewife with her kids still holding a bottle, few laptop catching up with work, fb update or skyping. Another retiree working on his suduko.

This is a nice and relaxing place to have breakfast. Healthy? maybe not.

But I do love their coffee.


June Malik said...

i totally agree, i go in sometimes with laptop and have coffe and enjoy looking at ppl around me :) compared to all other fast food outlets, mcd coffee is best!

sckhoo said...

Kak June. I love it so much that i can refill the cup 3-4 times, from different McD outlet. heheheheh

save a lot of money :)