Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home made wholemeal bread

I have tried this several time, each with small variation. All of them came out nice, except one that I was too eager to remove it from the container, and broke the bread. I use a microwave oven with convection function.

Here is the recipe

Dry Ingredient
1.5 cup of bread flour
1.5 cup of whole meal flour
0.5 tea spoon of salt

Wet ingredient
1.25 cup of warm water
1 tea spoon of dry yeast
3 table spoon of melted unsalted butter
3 table spoon of honey

1. Put dry yeast in the warm water, leave it in warm place for 10 minutes
2. add in the butter and honey and stir well
3. add all dry ingredient in a large bowl
4. pour the wet ingredient into the dry ingredient bowl
5. use a wooden spoon to mix them
6. add more (one tea spoon at a time) bread flour while kneading the dough (about 15-20 minutes)
7. Put a glass of water in microwave oven and boil the water
8. put some oil (i used olive oil) on the dough, to prevent it to get dry
9. leave it in the microwave oven for 1 hour (use the oven's timer)
10. After 1 hour of first raise, the dough should raise to twice the size
11. punch out the air and knead for couple of minute and return to raise again for 30 minutes.
12. After 30 minutes of second raise, it should double the size as well
13. knead or use rolling pin to remove all air in the dough
14. put the dough in the buttered container and let it raise for another 30 minutes
15. preheat the oven for 190C
16. After 30 minutes of 3rd raise, be careful not to disturb the dough, put in the oven and bake for 40 minutes
17. leave the bread in oven for 10 minutes after the oven stop, and put on wire rack for 15 minutes for cooling

Hope you enjoy your bread. I am.

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