Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A busy Saturday (27/March/2010)

Saturday morning, woke up at 5am, after a late TT with some new friends.

After couple of peanut butter sandwiches, a small bowl of oat meal, hit the road with Ee, drove from USJ to Gombak OAH for the usual ride up to Genting Sempah.

This time, only 4 of us be riding. Me, Ee, Chai and Indran. Everything is ok, except due to the lack of sleep and lack of energy, didn't felt that good, but still match the previous time of 1h5m from OAH to the mechanic shop near Genting Sempah.

Got home around Noon after a heavy brunch of TeoChew BKT. Excellent way to recover and carbo load.

Took a nap with Ashlee and try to recover and rest.

At 7pm, drove to Cyberjaya for Energizer Night Race. I didn't registered for the event, but a colleague has an extra bib, I was thinking, why not. Even though I still have jelly knees after the ride in the morning. But I wanted to experience running in the race environment, absorb the atmosphere.

9pm, the race begins. First 1km was a little uncomfortable as my muscle was tired and cold. Yeah, I am such a beginners, no warm up at all. After that, I was getting into the mood and just keep putting one leg in front of another. The KM starts to get by (BTW, bad signage, can't tell the distance covered for 10k runner). Bumped into some friends and chat a little. I was determine to make sure I got back before the cut off time of 90 minutes, easy feat for some, but I am glad I able to complete within the time.

Final time on my watch : 73m25s.

Not bad for me. 6 months ago, I need 2 stops to do 1km run.

Next race : 25/April/2010 NST-MPSJ 10k run.

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