Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A brand new web services for runners and photographers

This idea appeared when I was running the Pacesetter 15K run at Padang Merbok. During the run, i saw many photographers on the route and I know they took pictures. I am just wondering how can I get the picture from them.

And talked to some photographers, they also have a question on how to sell/give those picture to the runners.

Hence this website was created. 

We provide a market place for runners and photographers. We have a database of events entered in the system and will be providing registered user to add the event as well.

After an organized run, can be local or international run, photographer can upload their pictures to the site (resize to smaller for easier upload) and the runners can go to the website to search for their picture with the bib number.

Viola. Linking the supply to the demand. 


deo said...

Hi Khoo, thanks for dropping by at my blog. and thanks for the link too!

June Malik said...

hey, u ada blog !! now i can stalk u here too hahah