Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PBIM 2010 Result

No point talking about how happy, unhappy, satisfied, pissed off with the result. It is over, moving forward.

So, result is out, pretty fast. 

C Category Result : Full Marathon Men Veteran

Placing in the category : 371/422 (Bottom 13% of the age group, ouch!!)

Placing overall : 890/1067 (Bottom 16% of all men. double ouch!!)

Official Time : 6h12m14s
Net time : 6h11m5s
Garmin time : 6h11m7s (very close, i am impress)

And now, the weird distance marker timing by the organizer

3.7km : 28m50s
18.7km : 2h27m47s
21.1km : 2h52m31s
33km : 4h44m38s
37.8km : 5h29m51s

According to my Garmin and in the bracket are the pace that i should follow to get 5h30m, looks like i still need more training on endurance and speed. around 20k is the time that i lost the pacer and my pace slacking. 

5k : 36m58s (39m06s)
10k : 1h15m22s (1h18m12s)
15k : 1h55m25s (1h57m18s)
20k : 2h39m20s (2h36m24s)
25k : 3h25m28s (3h15m31s)
30k : 4h11m52s (3h54m37s)
35k : 5h0m30s (4h33m43s)
40k : 5h49m12s (5h12m49s)

What is good?
1. I ran most of the time, very brief walk at the water station
2. No cramp, probably enough of hydration and salt
3. Giving out water bottle (just nice to drop a nuun tablet in)
4. Enough fueled, took 1 Gu gel 15 minutes before the run and then 1 every 1 hour. The last one almost make me puke

What is bad?
1. No banana by the time i hit the u-turn at the Jelutong highway
2. Not enough water station at the Jelutong highway, despite of the feedback during the runner session briefing at Crystal Crown.
3. What happen to corn starch cup? I tot i can get some extra nutrient :)
4. Traffic control for the fun run

Targeting 5h15m for my next FM. when leh huh? 


June Malik said...

it was a tough condition to run especially for first timers, so you did well, you should be proud of yourself .. you can always do better the next time, which i am sure something that is achieveable :)

ladycooper said...

Salute to all that Marathon finisher. You guys are simply awesome.

Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures

Kam said...

You did great! You will improve over times but don't be like me, I did my worst ever in SCSM last weekend :P