Monday, November 2, 2009

Terry Fox Run 2009

Got back home after midnight of Saturday, attended a wedding dinner, but started with beers at the hotel bar, and also adjourned with the beer at the same bar. Had about couple of hours of sleep before the alarm tell me is 5.30am.

Woke up, get the family ready to leave house at 7am to go to Lake Garden for the 2009 Terry Fox run.

This is the first time I took part in this event. 

I planned to run the 5km while the rest of the family do the family fun run.

Didn't manage to run from the beginning as the path was too narrow and with too many people. I just walked briskly on the track until I got enough space on the track to start running. Bumped into an old colleague and friend and chat for couple of minutes before pushing on. Caught up with the wife and mom on the way. 

It was a pretty fun run. The is the first time that I actually run among the crowd, since many many years ago. Still need to train much more and much harder to able to run beyond 10K.

About 40+ days to Malakoff run of 12KM.

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