Monday, November 30, 2009

Riding on Kesas highway

Been traveling on Kesas highways for years, always see some rider on the motor lane.

Sunday morning, start from my house at 6.45am. Took the LDP and exit to Kesas towards Sri Petaling. Made a u-turn (or rather, n-turn according to Megan) at the traffic light at Endah Parade and back on Kesas towards Klang. Exit to Puchong and back home.

Total distance is 36km, average speed of 28km/h. Took a small break at Petronas for 100+. Didn't take any water from my bottles.

Met a group of about 10 with mixture of MTB and RB.

Minor incident, almost falls because didn't notice the small hump on the bike lane, and also a dog chase. Nice almost flat road. No challenging climb.

987kcal burned. Sweet. Felt great. Not too tiring, maybe because is <40km.

Will definitely do it again, probably every Sunday morning. But will not exit at Puchong, but go straight towards shah-alam to get up to 60+km. Nothing less the 60km now for my usual RB ride. That is a promise.

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Tan Kien Boon said...

wow...its in the blood now..