Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Damn it....slacking

BodyPump class cancelled this morning. Just my luck, possibly my last class in MBF before office move to Bangsar. No chance to say farewell to all the nice girls in the class.

Anyway, since I was there in the morning, did some mileage on the treadmill. 

Was running before the class, heard about the cancellation, start getting slack and stop at 1km run and then walk around. Did couple of push up and abs exercise before resume for another run. 10m of 1.5km run. 

Then slacking again, did another round of push up and abs exercise before climb up the treadmill for another 2km run. 

I can't get myself to run for 5km non-stop on the treadmill. 

I need some major kick at the rear. Damn it. 


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