Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday dinner

Yesterday was wife's gym day. So, need to get home early after pick up Megan.

Went to Old Town coffee cafe in Taipan for dinner, but after scanning the menu, nothing there that I can order without carbo.

Decided to head home remembered that I got some chicken breast in the freezer.

Defrost the breast, slice into half, marinate with salt and pepper. At the same time, defrost green peas. Chopped up a yellow onion and a garlic.

Cover the breast with some olive oil and fried it on the grill. At another pot, fried the onion, garlic and green peas.

At the end, here is the product. High protein and low carbo. Instead of ketchup or chili sauce, I put Dijon mustard on top, zero calories. :)

Perfect dinner. 3 more portion of chicken breast at home. Same style, variation will be the vegetables.

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