Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend ride

What an interesting weekend.

Saturday, me, Ee and some colleague of mine went riding at FRIM. 2 of them are new to FRIM. The weather was good to us, the only morning that has no rain, not until we are in the car on the way home.

The usual trail was done without much suffering. For the newbie, time to get used to the terrain, the trail and their new bike. All went well.

At our usual rest stop, we decided to take Steroid hill. It was really tough, for me, at least. My MRH (maximum heart rate) went up to 99%. Way above the lactic acid zone. It was really steep, slippery and challenging. I got down and push couple of times. Took a rest on the top, didn't go up to the heli-pad. The way down was pretty scary, steep as well. Took my time, ride at the speed that is within my control.

Muscle ache, but tons of fun. Picture above was taken after the downhill from Steroid. Saw a guy just fly down from the slope. Amazing.

The next morning, thought of doing a long recovery ride to flush out the acid from the leg, took my RB and ride on Kesas. From my home, went to LDP via Puchong, get towards Kesas. It was drizzling already at 6.45am. Thought of turning into USJ from Kesas, but there was no rain at the exit, decided to go forward towards Klang.

The ride was very nice. On the bike lane, felt safe. Just need to give way to motorbike. U-turn at the junction to Jalan Kebun because of the rain, and go back home via the Kesas exit at USJ. Need to go home to bring Megan out for breakfast and shopping at the wet market. Only covered 48km.

Next time will ride forward and u-turn at Sri Petaling. That will get me above 60km.

Excellent weekend. Felt good. No major pain. Lots of fun. I am happy.

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