Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bike accident on Kesas highway

Hey, it has been a week since my fall on Kesas highway, while riding with Chai.

Due to my own mistake and carelessness, the front tire of the bike went into the drain cover, causing the bike to flip and me landed on my back, with big impact, landed on my right back shoulder and broke the right scapula.

Chai drove me to SDMC. Get into the emergency room. Nice nurse took care of me. Gave me a shot of pain killer. Not that I was complaining about the pain, but it was good.

Took couple of X-Ray and confirmed by the doctor on duty that the right scapula was broken. Doctor advised to stay overnight for observation and wait for the doctor for further diagnosis.

Had another stronger jab of pain killer and passed out. Still wearing the bike short and shirt.

Discharged the following day, doctor wants to know if I can stand the pain with just the pain killer pill instead of the jab.

Well, 3 weeks before I can drive (I think i will drive earlier than that) and 12 weeks of full recovery.

Fortunately I still can type.

I consider myself lucky that no major injury. What if shoulder bone, hip and worst, skull fracture. That will be bad.

Anyway, training put on hold. But will not abandon.


babe_kl said...

gosh sorry to hear about this so late. hope you've recover tremendously by now. wishing you and your family a very happy new year

sckhoo said...

Thanks. Recovering. It will be another 7-8 weeks before I can resume sports activity.

At the mean time, plenty of time to cook and bake :)

Don't let this stop KK from getting a bicycle. :)