Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday "interstate" morning ride (3/April/2010)

Saturday morning. Woke up hungry, made a small bowl of oat meal and left house after saying good bye to Megan.

Got to Kajang toll by 6.45am. Good time. but miss the turning to get coffee at McD at the highway. No coffee before the ride, fearing the worst. :)

The party arrived at the RV point slightly late, quickly setup the bike and managed to starting rolling at 8am sharp, I will prefer to start at 7am.

The entire route starts from Semenyih sentral bus station go up to the highway towards Seremban and turn off at Manting towards Lenggeng and Broga, had a meal stop at some nasi lemak place (I will prefer something better) and heads back to the car.

Total distance is about 54km, took about 3.5hours because of some waiting for MTB rider.

I had a close call when foot slip off the pedal when pushing hard going up a small hill. really need to consider getting a right pedal and shoe.

IT was a hot hot morning. The picture will show how hot and un-ready i was to put on some sun-block. Lesson learned.

After the ride, rush home to take a quick shower before heading to F1 qualifying.

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