Monday, April 27, 2009

Gourmet Pizza Making Class

Attended a gourmet pizza making class, organized by TheCookingHouse in Sri Hartamas. Chef Enzo Dente teach us how to make the dough, the source and different kind of topping, even include Calzone.

Chef Enzo is the owner of Italian Restaurant in SS2, Buonesera Restaurant, the authentic italian restaurant in town. He makes the most authentic tiramisu in Klang Valley.

Here it is, Chef Enzo in action. Manning the big ass oven behind him, running full blast at 300C the whole time. The table at the right bottom corner is my working station, sharing with a few ladies.

Spinach ricotta cheese calzone. It was very very good. This is one of the most perfect made Calzone in the whole class.

Except for a mild stomach ache I was suffering before, it was nice to spend couple of hours in the company of 19 ladies and plenty of italian food.

I am going to attend another Chef Enzo's class in May for pasta making.

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