Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wise words for mountainbikers

# 1 "Drink not water that passes the second bladder"

#2 "You don't have to find a mountain to do mountainbiking"

#3 "Bringing you granny along in your ride does not help you in your climb"

#4 "Removing your brakes does not make you the fastest downhiller"

#5 "Being called a handle-bar does not mean that you can hang you six-pack or teh tarik or any sort of beverages on it"

#6 "The most expensive mountain bike part is...the kick stand. That's why you hardly see them on a mountain bike. It's darn expensive. Only few can afford it."

#7 "One quick way of silencing the noisy irritating squeaking sound of your brake is to dab the disc with lube oil. However, that irritating noise may come from another source, your mouth, as you yell your lung out, when your brake fails to grab hold to the disc."

From Kelolo

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