Saturday, April 18, 2009

My bicycle inventory

These are the bikes that I have right now. So far they served the purpose of cycling as an exercise.

2008 GT Outpost with disc brake

Bought it from Ee who bought it from RodaLink, Taipan.

Been to FRIM many times, even one 40KM ride around Penang, with slick tyre. Reasonably good bike, no complain so far.

Accessories on it? Polar speed and cadence monitor. And TopPeak saddle bag. The rest are all stock.

2003 Trek SL 2000 with Tiagra 105 set. Granny gear with 9 speed cassette.

Bought it from Hugh, he bought it from a bike shop in Texas, reading from a stickers on the bike.

Nice bike to ride on. nothing done on it yet, except little adjestment on the handlebar and change the grip on the handle bar. Standard lube and cleaning services as well.

Ride on Gedebe wednesday evening ride couple of times and PER saturday morning too. Went frmo Bentong to Genting Sempah on this bike as well.

Time to upgrade? Maybe, but not now.

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