Monday, April 6, 2009

Wet wet day in Sepang

All over the newspaper now. Red flagged F1 GP for Malaysia. Button won. Well done Ross. You deserve the win. Any chance to go back to Ferrari? :)

Some pictures I took during the race.

C2 Covered Hill stand. Most years, I watch F1 from here, not this year. Lucky me.

I thought I panned the camera well with the right focus on the camera. Nice picture overall. I think this is the Formula BMW.

Budget cut or something. Previous years, we have the classic cars parading the drivers, this year, we use a bus?

Taken during the warm up lap. The tension is building. People at the grandstand getting excited.

Of cos, I need to put in a picture of Brawn's car. Who cares about the driver, without Brawn's talent, JB will still be at the back, or jobless.

Another attempt to do take the picture while panning. This is Kubica's engined blown and spewing petrol on the track.

Highlight of the evening? Jenson won the race? No, it was JK!!!! Can't believe I can watch his live concert. FOC!!!

It was raining but everyone stays to wait for him. Amazing to see so many of his fans here. Most of my colleague never heard of him. Funny.

The stare was nice. Large screen showing the music video of the song. Little L was nice.

Overall, good evening. If Ferrari get some points, or podium will be better.

Ended the evening with good supper near JinJang with Ee and Ken. Thank you Ken again for the amazing tickets. Next year paddock? :)

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