Sunday, April 12, 2009

RB trip from Bentong to Genting Sempah and back

Well, I finally did it. although some says I was cheating to take this route, but this was still a challenging ride. I quite enjoy the climb from Bentong to Genting Sempah, not too steep, but tough enough to feels accomplished. But the return trip was really bad for me, maybe I ran out of juice, need to pace myself on certain stretch as I was pushing myself too early.

Starting point. Pak Wan is the one on the far right, the leader of the ride with the Cervelo S3.

Notice the restaurant at the back, the serve one of the best home made ice cream in Pahang, if not the whole country.

Me climbing to the second re-group point at the Janda Baik junction.

At the second re-group point. Taking a rest.

Total distance covered, 70.1KM (courtesy of Dr Azmi's GPS)

Also the map and the elevation chart.

Will I do it again? Hell yes!!! Boon, next time we take the challange.

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Tan Kien Boon said...

congrats dude!! You are the man!! Isn't it fun to ride the hill...