Monday, August 3, 2009

Making bhajji

Lunch on sunday, wife made single pot chicken rice in rice cooker.

Found some brinjal in the fridge that was meant for brinjal pasta, but decided to make bhajji with it.


1. 1.5 cup dhal flour
2. 2 mid size brinjal (cut thinly)
3. 1 tea spoon chili powder (i used mild mexican chili powder)
4. A handful of flat leaf parsley (chopped)
5. Pinch of salt
6. Pinch of pepper
7. 1 cup of water

1. Heat peanut oil
2. Mixed all ingredient (except brinjal)
3. When oil are hot, dip brinjal slice into batter and fried till golden brown.
4. Eat

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