Monday, August 24, 2009

Good saturday morning ride in Putrajaya

Woke up at 6am on saturday morning. My usual ritual. Had couple of peanut butter sandwiches and drove to Putrajaya, stop by the Petronas for some water and 100+. 

Did the putrajaya outer ring with additional route thrown in to extend 10% of the distance as wanted. The additional route was to go straight instead of turn right into PICC, did a u-turn (include a climb) and back to Persiaran Selatan and take the first left to PICC. One more climb up the PICC and then back to the car at the PM office. This add another 4-5KM in the loop, i.e the 10%.

Here is the stats

Distance : 45.5km
Average HR : 82%
kcal : 1421
Max speed : 50.7 km/h
Average speed : 25.0 km/h
Ride time : 1h49min

A bit disappointed on the average speed, as the target was 29km/h. But will continue to work towards that.

Is the first day of fasting month, only saw 2 other cyclist on Persiaran Selatan on opposite direction. 

Muscle sore for the next day, skipped Sunday 3pm RPM in IOI.

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