Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 ways to get rich

Found this on amazon

The 10 roads, in a nutshell, are:
  1. Build your own business ("the richest road") - and to build it either to sell or to last 
  2. Become a CEO
  3. Become a "ride along" - a trusted second in command the CEO needs and trusts who profits with the firm
  4. Become excellent and successful at what you do (sport, writing, music) and famous - or better yet manage a portfolio of other people who are excellent and famous
  5. Marry really really well
  6. Steal it legally - become a Plaintiff Lawyer
  7. Manage other people's money well, and both win
  8. Invent income - create an ongoing income stream you own, from an invention, a song, a merchandising line, movie rights to stories, and other means
  9. Become a real estate Baron
  10. Save and invest wisely, consistently and effectively ("the road most travelled")
Got the list from here

Now, which one that I can relate to?

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