Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry for the MIA

For the 2 visitors I have to my blog, sorry for the MIA.

Last friday, went through Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in SDMC.

Laparoscopic meaning keyhole surgery. Cholecystectomy is the surgical removal of gallbladder. Basically the surgeon punch 4 small key hole (0.5-1.5cm) in my abdomen, stick some medical instrument inside and remove my gallbladder. It has been giving me pain and the long term solution is to remove the organ. 

Went in to SDMC at 8am and waited for an hour for admission. Got to wait for an hour before was sent to the surgery admission lounge. Did ECG, blood test and x-ray. All good. 

Got a room at around 11am, but the surgery was scheduled at 4.30pm. So, caught a movie (Sleepless in Seattle) and read few pages of my book (Evening is the whole day).

At 4.30pm, changed to the hospital gown and exposing the ass. Get push to the OT (Operating theater for the common people like us).

At 5.10pm, get push into OT#11, the anesthesiologists was dancing to the tune of "Hotel California" by the Eagles, I knew from the point I will be in good hand. Somehow...I don't know.

The anesthesiologists gave me a shot, and let me breath some weird gas, and I passed out.

I remember woke up couple of hours later, in the recovery lounge, vomited due to the effect of the anesthetic shot and passed out again.

So, now, i have 4 small holes in my abdomen, still covered and will be removed tomorrow after my visit to the doctor.

Anyway, doctor's advice, no heavy exercise next couple of weeks. definitely no BodyPump, which kind of suck. And I don't think RPM is allowed as well. Maybe I will do stationary cycling at the gym just to keep up the stamina without too much use of the abdomen.

Well, hopefully this will stop the gall stone problem I had.

This years has been eventful. 

Ciao for now


babe_kl said...

hope you;re all right by now

sckhoo said...

Thank you. Everything is good now. Organ removed and dressing removed.

Supposedly from old wife tale, can't eat oily stuff anymore, but since the procedure, has been eating normal.

Yet to take BKT to see if I got any effect.

Can't wait for a nice bowl of BKT ribs :)

Again, thank you for asking.