Sunday, July 12, 2009

PD Triathlin relay

Here are some report on the triathlon event.

Total ride time : 1:28.51
Distance : 39.9km (should be 40km according to the organizer)
Average speed : 26.9km/h
Max speed : 43.2km/h

The day started with some drizzle at around 6am. We left the apartment heading to the marina where the start/finish line is. Some miss communication causing us to go without breakfast. Fortunately, the kind captain of the Klang running group bought some bread and coffee for the team.

I took the bike to the road after 9.15am. The first few KM was tough because of the cold muscle. But it got warm up pretty good and the first 5km was done.

Fortunately of the rain in the morning, the air was cool and temperature was low. Did not consume a lot of water, and the ride was close th enjoyable. Maybe I didn't push too much, but the result was just below my target, which I am glad. Definitely can do better.

I overtook those individual participant, they are already tired from the swimming. My pace was pretty consistent. At around 16km, the left calf had some hint of a cramp, used the paddle to stretch a bit while keeping the pace. At the mid point u-turn water-station, stop and took a break for 30 seconds, took a power-gel, and stretch before push on. The return trip (last 20km) was pretty nice. Except about 9km from the finish line, right calf cramp, again, used the paddle to stretch and push on.

Saw about 3 punctures on the road, with one girl on mountain bike with rear puncture pushing on, maybe because no spares. Poor girl.

This is the route for all 3 events (swim, cycle and run), took during the briefing the night before.

People attending the briefing, they are voting for the interval time between each wave at the swim stage.

Here is the starting point for the swimmer. Took on the sprint race day, in the afternoon, low tide, longer distance to run, but shorter distance to swim.

This is the transition area where the cycle will be park. Must be over couple of millions ringgit of bicycle here.

My bike and jersey after the race. Ready to go home.

Above pictures were from my camera, there are plenty of other pictures from the supporters camera. Will post later.

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