Saturday, May 23, 2009

23/May/2009 Saturday Morning Ride

Went riding in Putrajaya 3rd Saturday in a row, the cyclist capital of Malaysia.

1st time, we did a small "PCM Chicken loop" only around 14KM. Kinda boring. No sweat.

2nd time, we took the GeDeBe loop, almost 30KM. The supposedly long and hard climb didn't feel like that difficult.

Today, we took the GeDeBe loop, then make a u-turn at the overhead bridge and do the original PCM route back to PICC and back to the mosque roundabout. Distance 41KM.

It was a nice ride, I ride up to PICC too, just for a last climb before recovery ride (2-3KM) back to the car.

Total time taken, 2 hours 10 minutes, with 4 stops. Next time should target below 2 hours.

Will be outstation next weekend, so, no ride.

One RPM class in FF and maybe one PCC ride in TTDI before doing down under.

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