Saturday, May 30, 2009

The day of Light House

Today's agenda, driving down from Byron Bay south, as much as possible.

Woke up 6am, try to catch the sunrise on Byron Bay lighthouse.

This place happen to be the most eastern point of mainland Australia.

Bloody cold here. If one is lucky, can actually able to spot whales migrating which usually pass through here. Too bad today is not the day.

Done the lighthouse sunrise, starts the journey south to Sydney.

Found a cottage chocolate factory called Carobana, confectionery. Bought some.

Had lunch at the Anchors Wharf at Urunga. Had a steak sandwich. Bought something for Megan.

Got into Port Macquarie, decided to stay the night here. Visit another light house. The Tacking Point light house.

Bloody cold. Amazing view of the Tacking beach. Nice wave. If only I can surf.

Now in the hotel, Quality Inn, Port Macquarie. Hi Kelly!!! Nice....

Had a buffer dinner (A$21.20) at the local bowling (Lawn Bowling, not 9 pins) club with a casino at the ground floor. Feels like anytime someone will yell Bingo. Like eating in old folks home canteen. Weird. Food is ok. Beers at A$2.60 for half pint. Nice...

Will sleep early. Damn Tired.

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