Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WEdnesday cycling with GeDeBe group in Putrajaya

Haven't been doing the ride for weeks. Mostly due to chores to do, except last week, was in hospital.

Restless just thinking about missing the ride. Missed all the training that I need to do before the July 3 days ride.

Kind of reluctant to go as well, they usually start just before 10pm and end right after 11pm. By the time I got home and shower, it will be almost 1am before I go to sleep.

Need to find alternative. Maybe PCC roadie group will be a good choice. Every tuesday ride around TTDI for 25KM (starting 8.30pm) and every thursday at Putrajaya, with option of 35KM and 70KM. 35KM option starts at 8.30pm.

More reasonable time.

Ciao, going to sleep. Need solid 7+ hours of sleep to function well.

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Tan Kien Boon said...

YEA man... saturday we will do in the morning.. ok or not? maybe around 7 like that..? my number is 0123702225