Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday morning OAH to GS ride

Saturday morning, managed to get 2 of my colleagues and Ee to wake up at 5+am and get ready to ride from Orang Asli Hospital to Genting Sempah. Distance of 32km on return trip. Nice hills to cover. First 16km are mostly uphill with the return journey mostly downhill. What a reward for the grinding going up.

Took me about 1 hour (excluding the stops waiting for the gang), will like to reduce that to 50 minutes next time.

Both of them love the ride and already planned for the next one.

Will do it once a month. Hopefully.

Sunday afternoon, forced myself to go to IOI for RPM class, Ken was the instructor, replacing Alvin. Really felt the tiredness of the legs, but it was good, flush out the acid, keep the momentum going.

Will see if I have the strength to go to today evening RPM class.

Wonder when is my rest day?

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