Monday, September 7, 2009

almost perfect sunday

Woke up later than usual. No full american breakfast on the dining table, or else it will be a perfect sunday. Had coco-crunch with milk for breakfast.

The rest of the family went to a friend house for the day.

I was home alone. Perfect time to catch up with the new TV sci-fi series that I heard so much about.

12noon, lunch is a bowl of instant noodle with loads of frozen mixed vegetables and eggs for protein.

2pm, hit the gym and run a short distance on the treadmill.
3pm, RPM class, Kelvin's last day as an instructor, he is flying to UK for further study.

5pm, took at traditional thai full body massage at Thai Odessy.

6pm, TGIF dinner, BBQ chicken salad (don't order this) and a pint of guinness, with the family.

10pm, sleep.

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