Saturday, September 5, 2009

Orang Asli Hospital to Genting Sempah and back

Woke up at 5am. Took some oatmeal and couple of eggs. Got coffee from McCafe before pick up Ee.

Drove all the way to Orang asli Hospital at Gombak for the ride to Genting Sempah.

Couple of groups already setting up by the time we got there.

The ride from OAH to Genting Sempah was very nice. Uphill all the way, but not too steep, with the right gear, it was actually enjoyable. I did it on a MTB with slick tyre.

Reached Genting Sempah McD in about 1h40m. Which is not really a good time, but my purpose is to enjoy the ride.

Had a big glass of coke light and a sausage McMuffin. Weird though, McD there ran out of fries.

The initial part of the return trip was painful, the uphill was horrible, regret not taking Boon's advice, u-turn at the car workshop.  Both thigh were burning while going up the slope, and had to get down and push at the last 10-20m. Just can't take it. Heart rate went up to 93% of my MHR.

After that, it was downhill most of the time. Pretty enjoyable, cooling, less vehicle.

Overall, enjoyed the climbing. Will definitely do it again.

Some data from my computer.

Exe time : 2h10m50s
Max HR : 93%
Average HR : 74%
In zone : 1h41m20s
Kcal : 1319
Distance : 35.9km
Average speed L 16.5km/h
Max speed : 47.9km/h
Average cadence : 64
Max cadence : 116

Planned to do this route once every 4-5 weeks.  Good exercise.

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