Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I ran 2.4km

After the 1.6km run on treadmill yesterday, I was motivated to run again since I was pretty comfortable while running.

This morning. reached the gym 20 minutes before the start of BodyPump class. Thought why not do a 2.4km run to measure my endurance level.  Check out my previous post about it here.

So, i did 2.4km run this morning. Awesome.....Last time I run above 2km was years ago. Sad to say. I think because of the cycling, it help in building the stamina and giving me the confidence.

The time was really bad, I did it in 15m23s. With the first 1.5km only at 8.5km/h speed and gradually increase to 9.5km/h at the last couple of hundred meter. And the best part is that I think I can still continue, but have to stop to join the BP class.

When I posted the endurance test blog, I have two hurdles, one is to actually finished the 2.4km run, and second is to be at very poor level. I cross two hurdle today, and targeting 14m30s to reach the fair endurance level by this month. 

Awesome...I ran 2.4km..... Guinness tonight.....on me....all are welcome...all 2 of you :)