Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Australian Meat Pie

While driving down from Brisbane to Sydney, we stop by a pie place to catch lunch, what a better place to have lunch other than having a meat pie. Since we are in Australia anyway.

We stop at Heatherbrae's Pies place, sort of a truck stop, R&R next the a highway. A frequent stop for weekend cyclist. I can see why, great place to load up with energy and give the legs some rest.

Below is what I got from AustralianTraveller website.

Where: Corner Pacific Highway and Masonite Rd, Heatherbrae (at the Raymond Terrace roundabout - turn right if travelling north)
Open: 7am-8pm Mon-Thurs, 7am-9pm Sat-Sun
Phone: (02) 4987 5561

This bright, clean pie restaurant is just off the northern end of the F3 freeway from Sydney, at the very beginning of the Pacific Highway. If it weren't for the fact that there are pies on the menu instead of hamburgers, you'd swear you were in a McDonalds. There's even a drive through. The pies have rather kitsch names trading on their Aussie heritage - Bushman's, Jillaroo, Digger's, Jumbucks - but are better known as things like beef and bacon, beef with garlic and onion, and lamb with rosemary. There are also vegetarian pasties and rolls. A reliable stop-off for a quality pie, although the pastry tends to be a bit thick and the chicken and vegetable verges on bland.

I had a lamb with rosemary pie, and saw Lamington cake in the shelf, bought one as well. Never had that before, apparently an Australian thingy. Basically just a normal spounge cake coated with chocolate and covered with coconut shaving. Nothing great.

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