Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Morning ride at FRIM

After a tough Friday morning RPM class in FF, and a nice recovery night ride at PCM, thought I will keep the momentum and head to FRIM Saturday morning for a little off road fun.

Woke up at 6am, have a cup of Joe and a sandwich with 2 half boiled eggs, pick up Ee a 6.45 and drive to FRIM. Always remember to pack the bike and stuff the night before, less chance of forgetting anything.

Weather was good this morning, and because we started early, less people on the trail.

Below is the statistic of the ride this morning.

Total exe time : 1 hour 13 minutes
Average heart rate : 129
Max Heart rate : 160
Total time in Zone : 1 hour 11 minutes (min 100, max 160)
Kcal burned : 690
Distance : 13.4KM
Average speed : 11.2 km/h
Max speed : 35.9 km/h
Average cadence : 61
Max cadence : 114

A little booboo happened at the first pit stop, I fell down due, lost balance, in front of a group of jogger. How embarrassing.

I am happy with this weekend ride.

See if I have time for a 40KM ride tomorrow evening. Or a 20KM one.

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