Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last dinner for the Aussie trip (4/June/2009)

Meet up with an old old family friend, who migrated to Melbourne 5 years ago with the entire family.

Last time I meet him was almost 30 years ago. Hell, that was a very very long time.

Pre-arranged to meet at the hotel lobby at 6pm. But bumped into him when he parked his car while I walk from office back to hotel.

He took me to a Belgium restaurant at St Kilda Road (everything happen around St Kilda Road). The name of the restaurant is Belgian Beer Cafe BlueStone.

Belgian Beer Café Bluestone
557 St Kilda Road
Victoria 3004

Business Hours: 11:00am daily until late

- Tel: +61 3 9529 2899
- Fax: +61 3 9529 1455
- E-mail:
- Facebook

We had 2 pot of mussels and some chips. (menu here)

First was the Roquefort (mussels steamed with blue cheese, cream and spinach) and follow by Provencale mussel pot (mussels steamed with tomato, red capsicum, black olives and basil). I prefer Roquefort.

Of cos, with couple of pints of good old Belgium beer. We had the Leffe Brune, as a dark beer fan, I will always order that when available.

It was a good evening, good food, good beer and good company.

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