Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday evening RPM class by Tracy

Been looking forward for the RPM class for 3 weeks, missed that due to traveling and the damn quarantine.

Was delayed in the meeting and because of the usual KL after office traffic, was 5 minutes late in the class.

Someone took my favorite spinner #19. Damn damn. served me right for being late.

Quickly grab a vacant bike and starts spinning for half a song to warm up. Start to pick up the pace starting from song number 2. And it was non-stop till song number 7. This is a new release, not sure what is the release number, but the song selection were pretty cool. But ran out of steam at song #7, didn't get to the right level of resistance, but did put in a good 15 seconds of attack at the end. Good fun. As usual, the t-shirt was all wet.

After the class, they celebrated Tracy's birthday, sorry I didn't stay for the chocolate cake, looks good, but I need to rush home.

Happy birthday Tracy. See you next week.

This week gym plan, BodyPump and follow by RPM. Pain.....

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Tan Kien Boon said...

Pain is just the state of mind... :p