Saturday, June 20, 2009

Returning to FRIM

Before bike shower after the ride

Well, after 5 months, finally gathered enough courage to return to FRIM.

Last time we were there was when Ee has his right shoulder meeting the hard place and shattered the collar bone into 2 pieces.

Woke up at 6am, picked up Ee at 6.45am.

Start rolling at around 7.15am. FRIM has designated a trail for mountain bike, starting from the Melayu Tea house towards Steroid Hill. Something new since our last ride.

We took the trail, but didn't go up to the steroid hill (too early for beginners like me, give me another 3 months), made a U-Turn at the clearing.

One loop took me about 25 minutes, around 4.2KM. I know, i know, pathetic. Well, it is my pace. Did another loop after a short break sitting at the foothill of rover, looking at sweaty girls ran pass.

Here is the data from my Polar.

Exec time : 1:16:30
Distance : 13.5KM
Average speed : 10.6 KM/hour
Max speed : 29.5 KM/hour
Average cadence : 61
Max cadence : 109

Fun level : 7/10

Some dirt.

Definitely will like to get back to my playground.

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